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posted : October 22, 2007 Post subject: Poseidon w40 BCD
Any recomendations for a weight system for my wife using the above BCD. We both bougt the Poseidon BCD's My wifes the W40 and mine the W50.

The W50 has there own quick dump system but these will not fit on the W40, no fitting holes for them.

Does anybody know of another choice that will fit on the webbing belt, a standard belt setup is no good really as the belt of the BCD goes over it meaning a quick release is not possible.

My wife is only slim so there is not a lot of room around her waist belt.

Any advise welcome.

posted : October 23, 2007 Post subject: Poseidon w40 BCD
not a reply to the question, but why would anyone ever want a quick release of the only system that stops them from doing a polaris impression with a probable barotrauma on the way to the surface?

does anyone actually know someone who has *needed* to dtch their weightbelt?

anyway, back to your question - how about a shot belt? more comfortable than lead blocks. any shortfall you can make up with lead blocks around the cylinder cam band(s), assuming you're not using twins.

posted : October 23, 2007 Post subject: Poseidon w40 BCD
Good point about the quick release especially if wearing a dry suit, doesnt take much to find yourself ascending too quickly.

My understanding is the quick release is more for surface emergencies. Maybe a shot belt would work better but still might be awkward under the BCD waist belt.

Any other advise?

posted : October 23, 2007 Post subject: Poseidon w40 BCD
i seem to remember there being some kind of harness weight system. not seen one, so no idea how / whether it works and how it integrates with the rest of a rig.

back to the dumping the weightbelt chestnut.....if you're on the surface, why would the wb need to be dumped? you're already positively buoyant. imho, having to release the waist strap of a bc to get to the wb release isn't *that* much of a hardship and not exactly over complicated. the point can be covered in the buddy check before the dive.

posted : December 7, 2007 Post subject: Poseidon w40 BCD
You can get a quick release harness for around 40-ish. Why not upgrade the harness on the W40 to the deluxe "Gucci" harness then you could put the Poseidon quick release system on it. Bear in mind this will cost the same as a kidney on the black market.

I'd recommend shot belt or harness. I think Beaver have a decent harness available.

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