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posted : October 16, 2007 Post subject: Exposure suit
Hi, i am taking an open water course in cyrus next week, i think i will get fully hooked and if i was to dive in the uk please could some people give me an idea on exposure suit choice and good dive sites in north wales and north west england.
cheers, tom

posted : October 25, 2007 Post subject: Exposure suit
hi, i have passed my course now, i am junior open open water and i have caught the bug. Do you definately need a drysuit for ukdiving or is a 7mm wetsuit alright. Please can somebody give me some advice

posted : October 26, 2007 Post subject: Exposure suit
hay it realy depends where your diving but for comfort a drysuit is generaly used

posted : October 26, 2007 Post subject: Exposure suit
thanks for the advice. I am thinking about doing my drysuit speciality course, does anybody know any good schools i can do the course with in the cheshire, Liverpool and manchester ares
thanks tom

posted : November 8, 2007 Post subject: Exposure suit
HI tom,
I was just reading your post and noticed that you are a junior open water diver.Does this mean you are young and still groeing? If so i would hold off on buying a drysuit (unless you have the best saturday job ever!) and invest in a 7mm semi, as dry suits are expensive to replace compared to neoprene suits.Hope this helps.

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