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posted : September 3, 2007 Post subject: Canon eos 400d
Using a Canon 400d with two YS-110 srobes, and with the camera in manual mode, is problematic in that the flash lock indicator (thunderboalt sign) is intermittent, flashing on and off, in the viewfinder during a half depression of the shutter release. Subsequent full depression of the shutter relase does not fire the flashes unless such depression is syncronous with the thunderbolt being visible. That is flash trigger is unreliable. Has anyone else encountered this problem. I'm wondering if it is an inherent design faualt, a system fault or operator error.

posted : September 17, 2007 Post subject: Canon eos 400d
when i've got an external flash attached to the 10d or 350d (above water), then i will see the thunderbolt icon in the display when the cam has recognised that the flash is connected and ready to fire. i can't say i've seen it flashing, but i'm guessing that it's the cameras way of telling you that summat ain't quite right with the connectivity to the strobes. either the strobes aren't ready to fire or the connection isn't there. i know if i don't see the flash icon, then the external flash unit will not fire.
what connectivity do you use between the 400d and the 110's? i'm presuming it's either a wired or wireless setup that communicates directly with canon's eTTL system.

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