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posted : August 27, 2007 Post subject: custom white balance
Hi all,
I have a Fuji F.11 digital camera and have been experimenting with the custom white balance. I have set the balance with a white dive slate at the depth for the photographs. The colour and amount of light seems to be a success, however all the photos are far too noisey/grainy. My ISO settings are 200 in the shallows and 400 at 15 mts. Has anyone any ideas as to where I'm going wrong. I am reluctant to use a magic filter because I need the option of using my strobe.



posted : September 6, 2007 Post subject: custom white balance
not familiar with the f11, although is there a mode whereby you can choose the iso setting? my initial guess is that the camera is making all the decisions and ramping the iso up based on the lower light levels in deeper waters.
i use a fuji F30 which, when operated in a semi-manual mode, allows me to choose the ISO.
as for white balance, mine is set to auto (whether the external strobe is used or not) and then any 'deficiencies' fixed later using adobe lightroom. i can't be arsed adjusting the white balance for each and every shot, especially as with most shots i'm using the strobe anyway.

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