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posted : August 7, 2007 Post subject: pony bottle
i have a 3ltr pony bottle that i want to start using but dont know how this will affect my weight can anyone give me a rougth idea how much weight i will need to add or drop thanks GARY

posted : August 7, 2007 Post subject: pony bottle
i never normally adjust the weight belt when adding a pony to the rig as the extra few lbs of -ve buoyancy is hardly worth bothering with and is easily adjusted for.

if you want an exact figure of what the effect is, get yourself a spring suspension weighing scale, immerse the cylinder and reg in water and see what its weight is then. that'll tell you how much weight to remove to compensate. do this with the pony empty (ie most buoyant).

the only time i adjust the weightbelt in the uk is when i'm diving the twinset.

stuart SAA
posted : August 12, 2007 Post subject: pony bottle
on your pony cylinder it will give you a weight about 3KG remove 2kg from your belt to take into account the weight of the air

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