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posted : July 24, 2007 Post subject: Wing or Stab?
Hi all,

I'm in the market for a bouyancy control device of some description. The obvious choice is to buy a run of the mill Stab/BCD however, I hate the idea of buying gear only to upgrade in 6-12 months time. As such I'm thinking of just plumping for a light wing such as the Poseidon BeSea W50. However, I currently only dive with a single 15 although I intend to move onto twin 10s in the future. Would I encounter any major problems using a single cylinder on a wing of this type if I were to get a single tank band?

Are there any drawbacks of a wing when compared to a Stab/BCD such as the Buddy Commando I currently use?

My mains reason for wanting a wing is that I'm fed up with having so much bulk around my body when diving, I'd much rather have a lightweight harness with all the flotation mass on my back.

Anyway, comments and suggestions are very welcome.

Thanks all


posted : July 25, 2007 Post subject: Wing or Stab?
i've been using a custom divers TDB for about 8 years now (buddy commando prior to that) with both twin and single cylinders. if you fully inflate the wing, it WILL float you face down unless there's a fair bit of weight on the rear of the wing. this however begs the question....why would you want to inflate the wing that much?
the only drawback i've discovered comparing the TDB to the commando is that in dumping gas from the bladder, gas migration may mean you need to do a bit of a roll to get the gas ready for venting. this may be me though as i only ever vent gas through the inflator / dump control rather than yanking on the same thing trying to get it to dump gas from the 'shoulder' valve.
the wing takes more setting up with the harness than simply slipping a stab jacket on and tightening the straps, but once it is set for you, that's it.

would i consider ever moving back from a wing? no.

posted : July 26, 2007 Post subject: Wing or Stab?
Well I decided to compromise. I had a look at the Poseidon W50 but I think it's a bit over the top for my needs at the moment. Someone recommended a Stab/Semiwing as the answer and having had a good look at one I decided to go and buy a Tigullio T52 Hover which should be arriving in the morning. I'll let everyone know what it's like to dive with!

Thanks for your advice btw!.


posted : July 31, 2007 Post subject: Wing or Stab?
What a stunning piece of kit! The T52 Hover is great. I've done two dives with it now and it's simply fantastic. I get the trim of a Wing whilst submerged but at the surface, leaning back forces the front bladder to inflate and you get the support of a traditional stab.

Also it's built very well. Steel 3D rings all over the place, huge self draining pockets, fully adjustable cylinder band.

The only thing I could possibly fault it on is the inflator, having seen the quality of the poseidon inflators it looks a bit cheap, but it works, it just doesn't looks as gucci.

Either way definitely recommended.


Loses one point for not having the gorgeous poseidon inflator.



posted : August 5, 2007 Post subject: Wing or Stab?
Hey !!

If you don`t like the inflator just change it - diveschools around the world is constantly change out the broken once.

Happy divining !!


posted : September 3, 2007 Post subject: Wing or Stab?
Ok here's an update!

The T52 worked fine on the first two dives (both to 30M)

The third dive however went a bit pear shaped. At 30M the inflation button on the inflator hose decided to pop off. This caused me serious issues! My buddy and I surfaced, and amazingly a couple of the other guys I was diving with actually found the button and spring (they were only feet behind us when it happened). We shoved it all back together on land but having seen how it was put together it has gone straight back to Divers Warehouse and I'm now awaiting a refund so I can go and buy something more durable. Like I mentioned in my letter to Divers Warehouse, what if that had happened at 40M + or in bad vis? I'd have had to rely on my dry suit to get me to the surface or dump my weights and pray for the best. Not a Happy Bunny!

I couldn't believe the whole thing was kept in place by a tiny plastic lug. I understand it's not exactly the most expensive stab out there but at the end of the day your life depends on this thing, and I just found the button popping off for no apparent reason to be ridiculous. I'm amazed it past safety standards.

I've told the guys at Divers Warehouse that regardless of what Beaver say I do NOT want a replacement. I'm gonna add to the cost and get a Buddy Commando I think.

Oh well we live and learn.

stuart SAA
posted : September 4, 2007 Post subject: Wing or Stab?
depends on wether your a dry suit diver or not. if not go for wing as all your buoyancy is aroud the tank and gives a much better attitude in the water. if dry suit , the suit is your buoyancy aid

posted : September 25, 2007 Post subject: Wing or Stab?
As far as using the suit as a bouyancy aid many of the divers in my local club have advised me against using the suit in this way. Basically it increases the chance of inversions and at the end of the day the suit is not designed to be a bouyancy aid.

Either way, Divers Warehouse accepted the T52 back with no issues and allowed me to upgrade to the Buddy Commando, which is in another league to the T52. Much higher build quality, understandably more bulky but a much better piece of kit. Built like a brick **** house and extremely easy to use.

I'm am once again a happy bunny.

posted : September 28, 2007 Post subject: Wing or Stab?
thanks ootini
i was just considreing buying a T52 hover ,sounds like it is good to dive in but i have heard other comments about build quality and it does concern me. i better have a rethink . i have an old buddy commando which is bomb proof but just getting old. i also have a northern diver wing but never really took to it. I will probably end up doing the same as you and getting another buddy.
happy diving.

posted : October 1, 2007 Post subject: Wing or Stab?
Yeah, the T52 is a nice piece of kit in theory but it really is let down by the build quality, and as I'm sure you're aware that for build quality it is nearly impossible to fault the commando.

Definitely the way to go!

posted : October 6, 2007 Post subject: Wing or Stab?
i have been looking at the commando today , very tempting solid and comfy like u favourite arm chair. however i am still tempted to buy a wing .i fancy the buddy tech wing has any body got one and can tell me if its ok . i mainly dive on a 15ltr but want the option of twins when needed.

posted : October 15, 2007 Post subject: Wing or Stab?
if this is who i think it may be ;-) i'll sling my rig in the car and bring to the club on saturday. can't see you missing out on a local derby!!

big rob
posted : April 2, 2008 Post subject: Wing or Stab?
hi been diving with a seaquest pro qd forlast 150 dives no complaints but would recomend the ralf tech gear if your going to go down the stab route myself i have just bought a besea havent started diving it yet my intetion is to hang twin twelves off it would appreciate any bodies input on the wing or advice seems to me to be a pretty robust bit of kit just hope it lives up to expectations fingers crossed

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