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posted : July 13, 2007 Post subject: DIN regulators
Hi - Am not new to diving but am relatively inexperienced and haven't done it for a while. I'm trying to get equipped and am looking at a 300 Bar DIN First Stage Reg - Am I likely to have any problems connecting to 232 Bar Cylinders?..... I have been told I will but the person seemed confused and it seems like bad info to me (I know there is a safety interlock the other way around - i.e. of insufficient threads to stop incorrect 232 Bar Regs being connected to 300 Bar cylinders). Any help and advice appreciated

posted : July 15, 2007 Post subject: DIN regulators
Hi Cokie,

Get a 300 bar DIN. You can use that on a 200 bar tank, the only thing you need is an adapter, which you screw on to the first stage and wopty it works. The other way around you can NOT use a 200 bar set on a 300 bar tank.

The 232 bar is the Max. preasure to use a a-clamp 200 bar first stage and the max filling preasure to a 200 bar tank is plus 10% - so 220 bar, the 12 bar is sort of safty nargen. You will have no problems like that with the 300 bar. It is the saftest and when you later on in life will have 300 bar tanks, available in the UK - you are ready.

Hope that made it a bit clearer ???

Happy bubbles

posted : July 16, 2007 Post subject: DIN regulators
300 bar DIN 1st stages will fit to a 232 bar tank with no problems at all. a 232 bar DIN first stage will not seal against a 300 bar cylinder (5 thread turns visible on 232 bar, 7 thread turns visible on 300 bar). An adaptor is only required if you're 'converting' your DIN 1st stage to use on an A-clamp only cylinder post (it doesn't have the little removable insert plug)

Point of note: the max filling pressure for a 200 bar tank is 200 bar. That's the working pressure. The test pressure is something like WP + 50%
Similarly, a 232 bar cylinder is not designed to be regularly filled to 232 + 10%. it is designed for a working pressure of 232 bar and no more.

posted : July 16, 2007 Post subject: DIN regulators
Guys - Thanks for taking the time to reply and confirming what I thought. 300 Bar DIN it is then!

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