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posted : July 4, 2007 Post subject: BCD ADVICE
Hi, Im new to diving and want to buy a BCD for diving holidays.Was lookin at the Seac Sub Pro 2000/3000, Can anyone tell me if this is a good bit of kit?. Or give me any advice on a good BCD.I want something compact for holiday diving.Any advice gratefully recieved.

posted : July 6, 2007 Post subject: BCD ADVICE
Hi Dogchoon,

The most compact system you can get is a harness/backplate & blader.

The back plate can be of stainless steal, aluminium or carbon. So you choice deepends on weight vs. money.

Bladers also of course have various seizes, so you can have one for tropical diving and then later in life, if/when the need arrises upgreat.

A personaly use Halcyon, but there a now a days quiet a few good brands around, like OMS, Diverite and ...well give it a google.

Just one smaller detail, that is when on the surface, the blader is on your back, so this tends to push your face downwards. Years ago this were the reason why some inexpeienced divers died in Norway. Please think about this too.

Thus underwater you will not get anytyhing more comfortable.

Have a cool day and when the time is ripe happy holidays bubbles


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