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posted : June 11, 2007 Post subject: filters
I have bought a housing for my sony dsc n1 and i am mainly diving around the lochs in scotland. I have had great fun with it and got some great pics but as the it is heating up a bit im finding that there is a bad green light coming through in the shallower parts. Can anyone help to tell me what filter i should use to remove this and if it is possible to do so with this camera. Thanks

posted : Today, 2007 Post subject: filters
don't know the camera so none of this may be relevant.

if you can set a custom white balance then there should be no need for a filter. make sure you have a white dive slate with you and set your white balance based on that and AT THE DEPTH YOU'RE TAKING THE PHOTOS with the slate placed a meter or 2 from the camera.
alternatively, setting the camera into fluorescent light mode should get rid of some of the green tint and work as a pretty good replacement for a physical filter
- or -
shoot in RAW (dunno if your cam allows this) and fix the white balance afterwards.
finally, you can always 'fix' the white balance using photoshop.

RAW is your best option as you have a lot of latitude to get the green tint sorted afterwards as well as exposure etc etc.

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