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posted : June 8, 2007 Post subject: Opinions needed! New Start
Just about to start parts 1, 3 & 4 - obviously with a view to a career in commercial diving (ideally offshore in about a year doing NDT testing).

I am in my late 30's and have been working mainly behind a desk for the last 10 years but prior to this i was a motor mechanic and also worked in constructions on sites as a sparkys labourer.

The impression that I ve been given is that experience gaining work is available out there but loking at the number of threads asking for work it looks as this may not be the case.

Is there work out there to get the foot in the door?

Plus anyone done a similar course - is it worth doing? or should I just bin the dream of becoming a commercial diver?


posted : June 8, 2007 Post subject: Opinions needed! New Start
No never think about giving up your dream of becoming a commercial diver but its a very competitive game. The older generation are slowly dying out so divers are needed.I personally have just passed out of my basic trainning in the navy and have 2 weeks off till i start dive school but after serving my time in the navy i shall look into commercial diving.I have researched this topic so much and the best way is via the navy. After dive school your going to be unexperienced offer to do jobs at cost so you can build up your experience. the best of luck either way

posted : June 13, 2007 Post subject: Opinions needed! New Start
Customdiver- two points. Firstly, If you or any other new diver offer to do work 'at cost' by which I presume you mean at a lower rate than others, you will quickly find yourself out of favour with the rest of your dive team (and if you mean for no pay, just travel and digs you will quickly find out how small the Diving world really is)
Just now we have the biggest boom in commercial diving since the early 80's due mainly to the upturn in Offshore work, and the knock on effect therein. Call all the inshore companies regularly, call all the 'starter' companies in the Middle/Far east, call the big offshore companies in the UK, holland, and west Africa, and you will get work. Keep your head down and learn and you will continue to work. Cut other diver's rates with your backstabbing antics and you will never work again. (oh and by the way, whoever told you that the best way to commercial diving was through the Navy was having a laugh. when you finally get out (in how many years time?) you still have to do HSE diver training, and start on the bottom rung. Just remember that there's approximately 70-80 air divers and 30-40 Sat divers being trained every month just now if you take into account Fort Bill, PDA, S. Africa, Marseille, and Austrailia alone. How long will demand outstrip supply?).

AB. You would be better off on which is a predominantly Commercial site.

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