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posted : June 7, 2007 Post subject: Divers University Brazil
I am a recreational dive instructor looking for a commercial dive career too, apart from Fort William, UK, is there another institution that you could advise in Uk? and about Divers University in Brazil, have anyone heard about? Does it make any diference doing a overseas course in your CV? EX:doing a course in UK could give me more oportunities in South America, Brazil

Eric Schmidt
posted : June 13, 2007 Post subject: Divers University Brazil
Hello, Fort William is best I think , but still if you finding another options I suggest you try Bovisand. This one is well known. But I never heard about the University you talking in Brazil. But Brazil is well known for diving you can find about that while searching on net.

posted : June 13, 2007 Post subject: Divers University Brazil
Hi. Bovisand has been closed for many years now. the only two HSE schools in the UK now are Ft. Bill and PDA in Dunoon, scotland. other popular HSE 'accepted' tickets are from the underwater centre in tasmania, INPP in Marseille, and West coast diving school and PDA both in south africa. Other tickets too many to mention are 'accepted' ,such as Dutch and Norwegian, but the above are the popular ones. the S. african schools are quite a bit cheaper than the others, but i'm sure they'll 'beast' you quite a bit more, too! never heard of any Brasilian 'universities' but if you only want to work in Brasil/S.america, phone some of the big companies up and see what they'll accept- I know there's quite a lot of work offBrasil and Argentina/patagonia just now, and the Mexican side of the gulf of Mexico, is not far off being the busiest region in the world right now for divers!

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