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posted : June 3, 2007 Post subject: clear bottomed bucket
Hi all, i am trying to get hold of a piece of equipment i have seen someone using but i cant find it anywhere so i was wondering if anyone on here can help please?
The item in question is a bright orange bucket type thing, with 2 handles at the top to hold onto, as you look down inside it, it has a clear bottom so you can hold over the edge of a small boat with the bottom of it in the water which gives you a brilliant look at the bed below you, whether it be lake or sea. I hope this is a clear enough description, as it is not easy to explain, i have heard they retail for about 30
any help appreciated, and i have looked on a few diving websites, but i dont really know what it could be called, therefore it makes it quite hard to find

posted : June 4, 2007 Post subject: clear bottomed bucket
have you tried fishing supply shops / chandlers? i'd be surprised if you were to find it amongst scuba gear as divers usually use masks for that kinda thing ;-)
i'd guess it's something you'd also be more likely to find on the continent (malta / italy) where clearer water makes it more useful.

posted : June 4, 2007 Post subject: clear bottomed bucket
Thanks mate, i have found out what it is called now, if anyone is interested in one, by what i have described then look up plastimo aquascope, it is an awesome piece of kit

ADM Diving
posted : June 4, 2007 Post subject: clear bottomed bucket
Awesome - glad you found it otherwise i would have given you where to get them from...

Happy to help on the technical Q&A forum... cheers Andrew

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