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posted : May 18, 2007 Post subject: Housing Problems
I have a Canon G7 and Canon WP-DC11 housing. On a couple of dives lately, the housing has leaked. Fortunately, I have spotted the leaks before any serious flooding has occurred. However, it is now ruining my diving - I am concentrating more on the housing than the diving.

I have no idea what I am doing wrong. On one occasion, the housing held for the first dive but then leaked on the second, even though I did not open the housing between dives.

The housing is fairly new - bought in March 07 and used on about 30 dives. I really don't think that I am using too much silicone grease. Perhaps I am not using enough? The o-ring looks fine and I am covering the ring with grease such that it looks 'wet' without any blobs.

I would really appreciate any advice on what might be causing an unpredictable leak. Is it simply that the Canon housing is crap? I now wish that I had bought the Ikelite housing - for the TTL coupling, if nothing else.

Many thanks.

posted : May 20, 2007 Post subject: Housing Problems
I think that I might be a little closer to knowing what is going on.

I went diving today and took the camera down on the first dive. Everything was fine during the dive - no leaking, camera and housing seemed fine. Back on the boat after the dive, I noticed a build up of condensation within the housing. There was quite a lot of condensation - mostly around the region of the o-ring. I imagine that if I went diving again, the cooling condensation may have collected into a few drops of water and given the impression of a small leak. This is possibly what happened to me previously, when the housing worked for the first dive but apparently leaked during the second dive.

The thing is, it really was quite a lot of condensation. Also, there was no sign of condensation during the dive. The housing spent a minute or two in the sun whilst I was getting back on board and changing tanks. I guess this would cause the air temperature within the housing to exceed the outside air temperature. But even so, it does seem like a lot of condensation. Has anyone else experienced this? Admittedly, I am diving in a humid environment (Malaysia) at the moment. But I am just wondering whether this level of condensation (i.e enough to create a few drops of water) is normal or whether this is a symptom of a more serious problem.

I will, of course, try mounting the camera in an air-con environment (whenever possible) from now on and try and get myself a silica gel pack. But any feedback on peoples experience with condensation would be greatly appreciated.

posted : May 31, 2007 Post subject: Housing Problems
sod's law, i just posted on the other condensation thread first.....

use silica gel packs, especially in humid conditions. malaysia must be close on 90% humidity

posted : August 26, 2007 Post subject: Housing Problems
Hi there - glad that you got the problem sorted. I know that this sounds crazy, but, in the past, I've always put a small tampon into the housing to absorb any watyer. You get a few odd looks, but, it works! Also, you could try putting a small piece of silver foil in there.

I have a G7 & wanted to get the Ikelite housing. I am short on cash & wondered how you have found the canon housing as far as quality of photos & colours underwater went? I know that you can get 'magic filters' instead of the screw on type, Do you need them? I love the camera on land though.


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