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tazs dad
posted : May 11, 2007 Post subject: which BCD / REGS
Hello to all of you, (new here.)
so after some help (pick a few brains)
just buying some gear. got the wet suit, thinking BCD then REGS !!
which BCD !! looking at mares dragon, seacsub pro2000 & buddy commando any ideas/ good or bad on these or which others should i look at !!
as for REGS apeks or mares ! xtx 50 ? or above or the mares proton metal range ?
any other ideas welcome, thanks
ps mostly diving in uk southern end (the warm bit) !!!!

tazs dad
posted : May 16, 2007 Post subject: which BCD / REGS
well no replys to that then, !!
so can anyone tell me where to look for reveiws on these,

posted : June 4, 2007 Post subject: which BCD / REGS
hmmm, kit......very subjective.

i started with a commando about 14 years ago and swapped to a custom divers wing 8 years ago. the commando is a fine jacket and ap's aftersales is superb, however i prefer the wing as it suits the diving i do.

regs - again, personal preference comes into it. i've been using apeks tx50's for around 12 years and never had any issues with them - they had their first shop service last year :-s - great reg in cold water and have been proven as a reliable deep diving reg (iirc 180m+ on some record attempt by someone [mark andrews?] somewhere a few years ago). 2nd stages are easy to maintain.
also use poseidon which are great regs.
can't comment on any others as these are the only ones i've used recently.

best to have a butchers on and see the group tests for regs and bcd's. get your butt down to your LDS to check out bcd's as you may find that what looks good on paper doesn't necessarily suit your tastes in the flesh.

posted : June 4, 2007 Post subject: which BCD / REGS
oops, not it's

ADM Diving
posted : June 4, 2007 Post subject: which BCD / REGS
Hi there,

this is subjective and i would look at the diving your going to be doing.. uk waters and you clearly want a good strong reliable set of kit that will last...

Well as to the BCD - i'm still a strong favourite of the Buddy range of BCDs as the build quality is extremely good. As others have said Diver Magazine and hence DIVER.NET have done excellent reviews and you should take a good look at them.

Regs well if your sticking to sport activities (ie less than 50m) then Apeks is a very good choice. The techies favour Apex as deco regs (for the shallow part of the dive) and Poseidon for the deep part. I have a set of Mares Abyss regs for my sport/holiday diving and they have been a really nice reliable reg and servicing has been always easy (and cheap) on them.

hope this helps, Andrew

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