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Diving nut
posted : May 8, 2007 Post subject: Diving Watch
Hi folks

I am new here so be gentle.

I have done my open water and advanced and have decided to get myself a good quality dive computer / watch.

Do any of you guy have any recommendations? I like the Suunto D6 but this is the very top of my budget. Is it really worth this much?

I also like the Citizen dive computer watches. Any eperience with those?

Hope to here from any of you with opinnions.


posted : May 9, 2007 Post subject: Diving Watch
I too am interested in this. I was thinking the Suunto Gekko would be more fitting to my requirements... Any ideas?

posted : May 10, 2007 Post subject: Diving Watch
I have got a suunto gekko and I have just got a citizen cyber aqualand nx. The gekko is a good computer and does pretty much everything I really need the citizen is a back up (expensive back up!!!) but only got it because I had lost another expensive watch on holiday and insruance paid for it..

Diving nut
posted : May 19, 2007 Post subject: Diving Watch
Yes, I saw the gekko today. Looks pretty good and not only that but it isn't that much money. Could you were it as an everyday watch though?

posted : May 20, 2007 Post subject: Diving Watch
I've had a Gekko for a couple of years and for the price you can't beat it. It does air and nitrox and makes diving some much easier/safer than just using a watch e.g. reminding you to do safety stops and if your ascending too quickly. I wouldn't wear it for a night out but that's not why I bought a dive computer.

posted : May 22, 2007 Post subject: Diving Watch

I also have a Gekko and I am fully content with its functions, not mentioning that you can change the battery yourself (which you cannot do with Aladin, for instance). It offers more than enough information and is very reliable - although it does not have a very modern design it is extremely cheap (I got mine for 300 USD, also including a Suunto Compass as bonus!)


posted : May 22, 2007 Post subject: Diving Watch
....and no, you cannot wear it as a watch, I think that it would look ridiculous! :-)

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