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posted : May 8, 2007 Post subject: Recommendations
My wife got me my PADI OW course as a gift, but she doesn't want to dive herself.

I want to be able to show her what i will be seeing when diving and want a simple point and press underwater camera, nothing complicated or too pricey, but still resulting in a reasonbly decent picture.

Any ideas on what to go for?

posted : May 31, 2007 Post subject: Recommendations
to be perfectly honest, i'd hold out buying a camera until you've at least learnt just a little bit about diving and do actually like it. buying a cam and housing at the outset will cost a few bucks which you may never get back if you find it's not for you.

call me old school, but if a student turned up with a camera on their first open water dive it'd either be left on shore or kept under my control. you should be having too many other things to concentrate on instead of trying to get some snaps. you may find that the centre you choose will take their own cameras on dives for just this purpose.

if you're still dead set on a camera, consider a motormarine 2 from ebay. they go for bladders now as they use film and are surpassed by the vast majority of digital offerings. you're unlikely to get your money back but at least when / if you flood it, it won't have cost the earth.

ADM Diving
posted : June 4, 2007 Post subject: Recommendations

Devilgas makes wise points.. get a few dozen dives in before you start playing with stuff like camera's in water... Sea & Sea is an excellent supplier of camera's in the UK - f you are dubious about being caught by unkind Ebay sellers putting stuff on that isn't top quality and in great condition.

I've used Sea & Sea camera's in my school/teaching for a long time now and rate them highly as a professional outfit. What i will say if you do rush out to Dixon's et al for a nice little cheap digital camera... stop. Always buy a camera and the under water housing for that make/model at pretty much the same time... it can be a right pain to get a housing later (either in the time wasted trying to find one, or worse the 2nd mortgage to get one)...

Have fun diving, if I can help further the Technical Q&A is here to help for whatever level of diving.
cheers and regards Andrew

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