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posted : May 8, 2007 Post subject: Combination Buying
I've been given a small piece of advice and just wanted to run it past others.

It was recommended to me to buy items that work together from the same manufacturer, ie mask and snorkel, fins and boots (if applicable) for the best results.

Would you agree?

posted : May 12, 2007 Post subject: Combination Buying
I wouldn't totally disagree with this statement but another piece of advice would be to look at how comfortable the equipment is, people have different shaped faces, so the mask that makes an excellent seal on my face may be different to yours. Try it out before you buy it. On snorkels, not all mouth pieces are exactly the same shape or made from the same material or angled the same for comfort in the mouth, try it and find out. Look at equipment tests etc to see what is scoring the high marks, a lot of the time it's not the most expensive kit thats the best. Have a look what other divers are using. But above all it is always down to comfort, personal preference and budget, after all it's you who's gonna be using it every time you dive and it's your bank account. From personal experience I know that some dive centres can be a little unscrupulous when it comes to selling equipment to new divers. I've been sold things that are too small simply because they didn't have my size in stock but they all agreed that they should fit like that when I was purchasing. Anyway, I hope this helps.

posted : May 22, 2007 Post subject: Combination Buying

I do not agree on this, it is a matter of how confortable you feel with one piece of equipment - for instance you might feel confortable with one certain type of mask but unconfortable with their fins so I do not see a problem in using various manufacturers....

I think that the most sensitive to individual fitting is the mask - I have tried lots of them and I just found one that perfectly fits my face, not the same brand as the finns....but I still feel excelent using a combination!


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