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posted : April 5, 2007 Post subject: buying kit *newbie*
I'm looking to buy regs fairly soon and I have no idea where to start! I have TMD (jaw probs) so this is why I am wanting to get them soon even though i've not completed my open water dives yet. I use a jax mouthpiece on the school regs so this would need to fit onto my own of course. Also I will be diving in UK and abroad so variety of conditions. I would like to go for a set that are reliable (obviously) aswell. As a beginner I have no idea where to start my search and whether some of the expensive models are evn necessary. I am happy to pay upto 300 for 1st and second stage (pref octopus aswell) but will be grateful for any guidance about what I need to spend for the above requirements.

so to summarise...they need to be compatable with jax type mouthpieces, lightweight, reliable, suitable for UK and warmer climates (not sure about colder yet!), and anything else I don't know about!


posted : April 5, 2007 Post subject: buying kit *newbie*
This is the one piece of kit which I would not try to cut cost on. Go for a reputable brand such as Apeks. If this means saving up for a bit longer then wait and get the best.

posted : April 11, 2007 Post subject: buying kit *newbie*
Check out deep blue dive centre I recently bought a set of regs from them for only 329 which included 1st and 2nd stage, octopus and triple console.

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