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posted : April 3, 2007 Post subject: redundant air
I am looking into getting a spare air. Ok I know many people arent impressed with them but i'll explain why I think it may be suitable for me.

I am a novice and will be only undertaking no-stop dives to max 18 metres, if that, to begin with. For various reasons I wont be diving any deeper which I wont explain, but even if I wanted to dive deeper, I can't just now. I will probably be a paranoid diver (lol!) that will always put safety first. Many people would think redundant air is not useful at shallow depths but I think it's better to have than not to have.

The biggest point I have to make is I am thinking of getting the larger spareair, which allows for 57 surface breaths rather than the tiny one giving 30.

Doing this type of easy, shallow diving, am I still better off with a pony bottle? Or am I being too paranoid alltogether and need no redundant air. ( my padi manuel seems to think i can surface at rate of 18 metres per min)

Many thanks for comments.

posted : April 4, 2007 Post subject: redundant air
If you are not going deep and are as paranoid as you say you are you do not need any extra equipment to worry about. PADI are correct when they say you can surface from 18 metres. Save your money, enjoy your diving and build up your confidence. If you buy a good quality set of cold water rated regs and dive close to a buddy you will not need the extra air source.

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