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posted : March 18, 2007 Post subject: Qualified diving Archaeologist wanted!
Whilst diving off the Farne Islands I found an unusual grid pattern carved into a rock at a depth of 6m.
This rock is an an area where it would be extremely unlikely for the rock to have been dropped from a boat. Furthermore the rock appears to be of the same type as the rock making up the nearby islands.
The pattern is not uniform and could not have been formed by any object lying on top of it.

I believe the mysterious rock is, in fact, extremely old and may by "concrete" evidence of inhabitants at the Farnes from the distant past.

Pictures of the rock have been viewed by a number of experts including marine archaeologists and "rock art" experts.
There is no agreement from anyone as to what the mysterious rock actually is!

The most obvious plan I have is for someone who is a trained archaeologist to actually view the mysterious rock in situ.
This will need a diving archaeologist.
The depth is shallow (will need to be happy diving in North Sea - semi dry or preferably dry suit diver max depth needed is just 8-10m) - I spent over 2 hours underwater on Saturday (17th Mar) and it is not too cold. Visibility has improved recently and I can locate the rock in poor viz anyway.

There is a well respected female archaeologist at York Uni who has planned to arrange for a diving archaeologist to dive the site soon - but communication has been far from ideal and I have yet to hear any firm commitment from her. Other well quailified archaeologists are keen to see the rock but I am not so keen on lifting it above water and feel it would be best appreciated (at least initially) in situ.

Anyone who is a suitably qualified archaeologist (most probaly at a university department) who would like to be the first to see this mysterious rock in situ is welcome to email me on [email][/email].

Safe diving,
Ben. "Seal diver"

Picture at this URL>>

Tape at 10cms

Video to put "mysterious rock" in situ.

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