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posted : February 19, 2007 Post subject: Am I To Old
Am currently in the process of applying to the royal navy as a diver. I am 28 in april, i know the age limit is 33 but cannot help think im to old. Can anyone tell me if you get people the age or older going for it? Any ifo would be great.

Cheers Jamie

posted : February 24, 2007 Post subject: Am I To Old
alright mate i went for it when i was 30 and was one of the fittest on the course mate you should go for it mate.

posted : March 1, 2007 Post subject: Am I To Old
Cheers for the reply Ian, thats good to know. Was woundering if you tell me a bit more about the fitness side of things. Any tips?

posted : March 3, 2007 Post subject: Am I To Old
yeh mate the fitness standards are 2.4 km in 09.30 mins, 16 dips, 8 chin ups, 40 sit ups. On your aquaint you will do the fitness test, circuits which comprise of jumps from a 6m board then a swim then a short run, thats done 3 times. you will also do a 1km swim with a dry suit and fins as a squad and also an endurace event which when i done it was a 5 mile run with the pti. its not too hard but it certainky isnt easy so i would train for the specific tests you're going to be doing. I would say if you can run 2.4 km in 9 mins then your laughing mate.

posted : March 29, 2007 Post subject: Am I To Old
Cheers for the reply ian. Any more info would be great. Do you get many people at my age going for it??

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