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posted : January 15, 2007 Post subject: Diving Equipment
Hi all,

I am new to the site and registered as I have applied to the Royal Navy as a mine clearance diver.

The only thing is, I have not done much diving other than a day in Majorca last year. I have booked on to some courses down here in Devon to do open water diver and hopefully advanced open water diver.

I am looking to buy my own diving kit so I can join my local club as I believe this will be the best and fastest way to gain diving experience.

Therefore can anyone recommend some kit that will be satisfactory for my level of experience and that is averagly priced? How much do you think the full lot of kit will cost?

Thank you all for your time

posted : March 5, 2007 Post subject: Diving Equipment
Hi James.
Late reply so hope it's still useful.
I guess you've already found a local club (but if not ask around at the local swimming pools). Go along to a meeting and chat to a couple of the members - a good club should have memebrs that are willing to chat with you about equipment, show you their own and give you some good advice about whay yuo need to dive the area. I stringly recommend you don't buy too much kit before you do this as you may waste money in doing so. Club members often update their equiment too and are keen to sell on their used gear to other members - it's a good way to buy and members have a reputation to keep so won't (shouldn't!!) be passing on dodgy equipment, however you can always make sure you try before you buy - something not so easy to do with most dive shops or internet purchases.


posted : March 22, 2007 Post subject: Diving Equipment
hey dude, i am looking into joining the royal navy as a mine clearance diver i was wondering how you where getting on and i cant seem to find any info on trainning requirements


posted : March 22, 2007 Post subject: Diving Equipment
Hi there, You might have some diving kits right now but I hope I am still able to provide a useful advice with regards to diving kit searching... There are a lot of other cheaper diving stores out there and I saw some good equipments at --that might be useful to you.


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