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posted : January 8, 2007 Post subject: Regulator's
Hi there i am looking at buying a set of my own regs i am fed up with renting as it is a false economy! i have come up with:
poseidon jetstream, poseidon dive 90 and the scubapro MK25 R 395 or S600

most of my diving is done within the uk with the odd trip abroad. I have no real ambitions yet to move onto technical diving maybe in a few years when i have found my feet.

any advice or experiences with any of the above regs would be greatfully recieved.


posted : January 12, 2007 Post subject: Regulator's
As no one has answered for you, here goes. I have dived with both the Jet Stream and the Scubapro Mrk 25 S600 from depths of 1 to 60 metres. They both work really well. However, the Scubapro (for me anyway) tend to be an easier breath. ANd that is how you should choose your regs - buy the regs which are the easier breath for you.

Go to a dive shop that will set them up on a cylinder of air and test them and see how they breath. Then choose what feels best.

The only real difference Ihave found is that the Scubapro work well at any depth but the Poseidens tend to get better the deeper you go.


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