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posted : January 6, 2007 Post subject: Drysuit
Am thinking of buying my first drysuit but am not sure which way to go. Am looking at purchasing either a oceanic aerdura black or having a 5mm neoprene suit made. Any advice about other suits or which way i should go would be great.

posted : January 8, 2007 Post subject: Drysuit
The debate about what's best - Tri-laminate or Neoprene will go on for years. At depth, the Neoprene will get compressed by the weight of the water to the thickness of the tri-laminate so technically, there is little difference in the two. However, many people are convinced that the neoprene is warmer than the tri-aminate, although I have not seen any tests to say that this is true.

The two big differences however are, you will need to add more weight to your weight belt with the neoprene but the neoprene is more flexible than the tri-laminate.

SO really, if you want a bit more flexibility, go for the neoprene, if you want to carry less weight, go for the trilaminate.


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