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posted : January 2, 2007 Post subject: farne islands in a wetsuit
hi, probably a silly question, i am an advanced open water diver or so my training says, & have done about 55 dives now both in england and abroad but have still been too scared to do a dry suit course (ive heard about some bad things). One of my many aims for this year is to dive with the seals of the farne islands. However with the north sea`s reputation of being bloody cold could i do it in a wet suit i was thinking 7mm steamer with a 5mm shorty with hood over the top, any replies would be much appreciated. CHEERS!

posted : January 2, 2007 Post subject: farne islands in a wetsuit
Hi, advaced open water is a rather over stated diving level. however a drysuit course done properly is one of the best courses you could do. in bsac training this is part of the first open water training and with proper supervisen correct weighting it need not be a big problem, if you are from the north west we may be able to help you out best regards Paul

posted : January 4, 2007 Post subject: farne islands in a wetsuit
Hi, Have tried on two seperate occasions to dive at the farnes and have been blown out both times, hope you have better luck than our club. As for the wetsuit issue, If you are not having a long interval between dives sat on a rib you should be ok, if you are going to be sat on a rib for long this is when you will feel the cold seeping in and might be worth a warm overcoat and a flask of soup, Don't be worried about the drysuit course, I did mine with padi and had a great time at the cove doing it, they were very professional and thorough and had no worries about safety, Like all arguments about padi and bsac go from word of lots of mouths and not one persons opinions, I'm padi AOW like yourself and also bsac sports diver and there were plus and minus for both, but this argument will run for ever with no end, But do the drysuit course as then you will be alot more comfortable diving in the UK. And good luck with the seals , were trying again for june, fingers crossed, steve

posted : January 23, 2007 Post subject: farne islands in a wetsuit ow since may last year and have done 5 dives at the farnes and st abbes of the boat and various from shore at tynemouth in a semi 2pce suit just like u and was quite war n toastie ( 8 deg ) my buddie is same level and he was the same and he is like a pin not like also this minute waiting for my drysuit to b deliverd and goin to get straight in with that....dont b scared its easy u will soon get the hang of it...happy diving..

posted : January 26, 2007 Post subject: farne islands in a wetsuit
I personally would dive it in a drysuit. It can get very cold between dives in a wetsuit.

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