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posted : November 29, 2006 Post subject: value
hi, to train to be a diving instructor on a 6 month course in thailand, with all equipment, course fees and accomodation for 4000. is this reasonable

Phil Elmer
posted : January 2, 2007 Post subject: value
I thought aquanaughts in pattaya were cheaper than that. Might be wrong. Anyway, i met a couple in Australia last month who were doing the same thing and it was costing them twice as much over there.... Depends what level you're at now I guess?

posted : January 3, 2007 Post subject: value
As Phil says, it depends on what level you are now. The one thing that you do need to know about training abroad is that you will also be used as free labour and alot of dive centres in the UK will not use instructors who trained aborad. So what may seem attractive about foreign courses may be a false economy in the longer term.


Philip R
posted : January 16, 2007 Post subject: value
You can do it cheaper in about the same time in the uk without the accomodation costs. Shop around. In terms of cost if you just add up course fees to get you there it will be around 2k including books and equipment. But at the end of the day who wants to spend 6 months in Stoney Cove. Have to say though what an experience for 6 months. Good luck to you

posted : January 27, 2007 Post subject: value
Check the place out

The training may be very poor or very good. Some palces do things that do not meet training standards and are not legal! Do some research on the equipment to, it might be overpriced ex rental crap the shop wants rid of. There are many palces to train so think about were you want to be type of water aquatic life, what will the training involve. Maybe try to get something in writing so there are no additional costs etc.

Good luck, you would have a blast out there

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