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posted : October 20, 2006 Post subject: Drysuit - tight neck seal

this is probably a really lame question but after doing a few UK dives I want to do more and I bought a dry suit. It fits great everywhere but the problem is that when I pull it over my head it makes me gag !

Is this a common thing, something that you just have to get used to, a function of it being new and the neck seal needing to stretch, a sign that I need a bigger suit or do I have an overly sensitive throat !

Any help appreciated as I don't want to risk gagging while I'm underwater.



posted : October 20, 2006 Post subject: Drysuit - tight neck seal
Hi dave you don't say if the neck seal is latex or neoprene how ever you may be able to releave the problem in the same way pull the neck seal over an upturned bucket leave it like this for a min of 24 hrs then try the suit on it may need to be left for longer, if its latex don't be tempted to trim it if its not done perfectlet the seal will rip when pulled over your head. try the bucket a few times first it does work. let me know how you get on Paul

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