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posted : October 6, 2006 Post subject: GZERO dry suit

Do you know the brand GZERO made by this technical diving manufacturer: ?

See this model: ter=1

See this comparison between DUI, URSUIT, BARE, Haloclina Básico (GZERO Ranger TXT) and Haloclina CAVE CUT (GZERO Military Ranger TXT):

YES! I bought one of this suits and my friend to!

I received the suit this week. For now I'm VERY satisfied, but only Sunday I will try it in the water.


Sorry for the photos, but we only had one bad camera, no sunshine and the model is not a great thing (a small and fat guy...).

Sunday I will take more photos to my friend. He choose the "Cave Cut" model with the rock boots.

After the dive, and when possible for me (I have lots of work now) I will post a report.

See you soon
Duarte S.

posted : October 18, 2006 Post subject: GZERO dry suit
First, sorry for my English…

Generally I dive every weekend or, at least, every 2 weeks.

But now, I’m with a lot of work and for that, until now, it was only possible for me to test the suit in the pool.

I tested the suit only dressed with shorts because I remember that, in the last time I tried the suit (to take the pictures) I almost died with so much heat, and I think that was the right decision (and even then I sweat a lot with the swimming pool heat). Only stop when I entered in the water.

The most important: I went in the water DRY and comes from the water DRY !

The only place where I felt a little humidity (I’m not sure and happened only after I take out the boots) was in the feet, because the suit comes with neoprene soft boots. For the people who want, there are the thermal socks (also built by the same manufacturer).

Before I entered in the water I thought for my self: “this will by a situation with lots of fun…”.

I thought that because the pool only have 2 mt deep (less easy to stay in the middle of the water – not in the surface and not in the bottom), and I was not properly accustomed to the suit and with the functioning of the Si-Tech valves and I tough that in the first minutes I will be constantly up and down. With me comes 2 friends and they entered first to the water only to enjoy the “show”… ;-)

However the adaptation run so well that I achieved immediately the neutral buoyancy.

After that, I tried different positions under the water and I was surprised with one more thing: The liberty of movements is incredible! So good or better than with a wet or a semi-dry suit.

Ever when I put me up side down I didn’t felt much air going to the feet, who permitted to obtain easy and quickly to the normal position.

The two big pockets are exact in the right position. It was very easy to access them underwater.

Only 2 things:

- I choose the “Intruder Boots”. The GravityZero owner said that these boots are more to military operations.
I thought that “I will have difficulty to swim with them”, nominated in the heel area. I was surprised because I didn’t felt any limitation in that area. However I notice that I must attach well the boots, because, if not, the feet will dance inside the boots (happened that, only a little, with the right foot).
Perhaps the “Rock Boots” (very similar to the DUI Rock Boots) are better to swim.

- One little thing…: The hood is very good with a great anatomical shape, but is all black.

And this was my first test with the suit.

For you to know other opinions, see these links:

"Yesterday I completed my first dive on this suit. Compared to my last two suits it fits awesome. The zipper is strange compared to the conventional zipper but it kept my but dry at 130fsw and I'll test it out if weather holds this year to 240fsw. Lots of flexibility to reach the valves. I've only used shell suits but my dive buddy switched from crushed neo to the shell and he is 100% happy with the improvement. JK"

"I've been researching drysuit lines to carry and I have to say, GZero has attracted my attention. These suits offer a lot of quality and features for the money, lots of reinforced areas that would be extra charges on a DUI.

I had a chance to inspect some plastic drysuit zippers at a trade show last year and I was quite impressed with ease of operation and strength.

Jim Goddard -
US & International Dive Gear Sales
Oxycheq, DSS, Salvo, Carter, DIR Zone, Weezle, Photon Torpedo, XS Scuba "

"You may want to check out Samish Divers, They are located in your neck of the woods and carry a suit by Gravity Zero. I've seen/dove their TXT trilam and it is nearly identical to the TLS350. It is a front entry trilam with teloscoping torso and uses Rock Boots. It has si-tech valves, cordura reinforcements on the arms, legs, and crotch/seat, and comes with 2 thigh pockets. The biggest difference is it has a non-metalic zipper, which I'm told, is the same as what Seals and Rangers use on their dry bags during amphibious assaults. It is also priced and just over a grand. That also includes free shipping and a life-time warranty on seam leaks.
They also have a 2 mm hyper-compressed neoprene suit, although I have not personally seen it.
They are a new online shop but since you are close, I almost guarantee that they would meet with you so you can try on the suit and they could answer any questions you might have.
Please post your impression, good or bad, if you decide to check it out. At half the price of the DUI, it seems like it could be worth your time."

Good Dives

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