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posted : September 29, 2006 Post subject: Which Dry Suit
I am just about to invest in a dry suit so that I can dive in the UK in winter. Which would people recommend Neoprene or Membrane. Any help greatly received.

posted : October 9, 2006 Post subject: Which Dry Suit
I just thinking of selling all my dive kit if it helps you.
I used a membrane dry suit.I've used it all over the world including the UK i.e the solent, scapa flow, get the idea.

my suit has thermal boots as I hate cold feet.

posted : October 12, 2006 Post subject: Which Dry Suit
Hi scubadad,

Blimey you've posed a question. If you ask 10 people which to get, you will get 10 different answers. One of the difficulties when buying gear is that only you can decide what is best for you.

Not very helpful, but you need to assess your requirements first.

Neoprene will offer greater thermal protection than membrane, with compressed and crushed neoprene somewhere between.
Consider your undersuit carefully and match it with your suit. You may not need a thick wooly bear with a neoprene suit.

Think about the buoyancy aspect. Neoprene suits will squeeze and the buoyancy will vary throughout the dive.

Flexibility may be important. Neoprene suits tend to be more restrictive.

Front or rear zip?

It goes on and on. I would suggest that you try to borrow suits from your friends and buddies - even in the swimmimg pool - that way you will get a much better idea.

For what it is worth, I use a DUI CF200 - compressed neoprene with a torso fold for flexibility, and front diagonal zip. With a thinsulate undersuit it provides me with the perfect suit. Enough air to prevent squeeze and my buoyancy is spot on, I don't feel the cold so the reduced thermal protection is not an issue. It was expensive, but I have had it 14 years and replaced the zip and seals once only.

I hope that I haven't confused you any further, but beware the chap who says that his is the best and you should rush out and get one. And the chaps who jut happen to have the perfect suit for sale.

Good luck, and select carefully.


posted : October 12, 2006 Post subject: Which Dry Suit
Hi I'm an advance BSAC instructor, what tony says is good advise I'v dived in different suits over the last twenty yeary and personaly setaled on a good quallity membrain with thinsulate undersuit. I'v had neoprene and crushed neoprene the crushed neoprene seems to be the best of both worlds but at a price. ( i had mine for 8yrs but put on weight ) didn't have the funds to replace with same, but Im happy with the membraine (not the cheapest)

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