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posted : September 9, 2004 Post subject: EWA MARINE
has anyone had any probs with an ewa marine dry-bag for cameras...i've got a fuji s7000 and i cant get a housing for it,i could get one made but i cant get all the functions i want,has anyone used a similar camera in an ewa housing,how did it perform? many thanks...AL..

posted : September 9, 2004 Post subject: EWA MARINE
I used one for a year or so recently in Canada. I was cheap and had a 1960's SLR that probably cost me 50 dollars at a pawn shop. I don't think I would use an expensive camera in one unless you followed the instructions and stayed shallow. I used mine down to 80 feet without a problem. I just made sure that it was puffed up with plenty of air before I sealed it up. I used it and abused it for about 50 dives before the seams around the edges started leaking a bit and I upgraded to a 20 year old Ikelite housing. One problem with the ewa-marine in cold water is that the built in glove is not big enough if you're wearing cold-water gloves. I went bare handed in 5 degree celcius water because I wanted the pictures, but most people probably wouldn't put up with it.

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