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posted : August 29, 2006 Post subject: Can anyone recommend a good dive knife?
I want to buy a good, lasting, strong dive knife - but there's just so much choice. I'm leaning towards a titanium one, but could really do with some advice. Any suggestions what would be the best one and where I can buy it at a good price?

posted : September 11, 2006 Post subject: Can anyone recommend a good dive knife?
Hi MJ,

My observations over the years are these:

Don't get one that clips into its sheath. These come out easily as I found to my cost while anongst some kelp. Mine is retained by a rubber loop ober the top of the handle.

Get one that has a sharp loop or cut away for mono-filament cutting.

Get one that has serrations on one side as this is good for cutting rope.

Don't be too flash. A knife is rarely used in anger and is really a "just in case" tool.

Titanium sounds ok, but any knife will last as long as you look after it. Vaseline on the blade keep it sharp - that sort of thing.

Good luck.


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