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posted : July 1, 2006 Post subject: Film Types

I am going on a dive trip to the red sea next week and I have a camera (very simple one) that takes 35mm down to about 30m. I used it there last time and it wasnt too bad although the pictures were very blue-satured and not always too clear.

I need to buy some 35mm film for it before I leave, and thought it would help to find out perhaps what types are best to buy - as I am really not any kind of proper photographer, and just want to get some pictures that show the fish/coral in a really colourful and clear as possible way for my logbook etc.

I know there are the different speeds - 100,200,400 etc - what sort of effects do each of these speeds have under the water - which is best to use etc?

Any advise would be appreciated!

Also - I know the camera I am using isnt the best, but I can't afford to buy anything else at the moment, so I just need to know how to make the best of what I have?

Thanks in advance!

Carlos Fonseca
posted : March 13, 2007 Post subject: Film Types
I recommend: Fuji slide film, 200 ASA, if you go deep use a light red filter to cut the bluish type FUW-b from Ewa Marine. I dont recommend negative color film at all.
My experience in Mozambique tells me of no need of deep divings to make nice pictures. Surface to 10 meter deep is enough. Shoot horizontally or from underwater to surface and in places of white sand or coral well sun lighted.
Next month I will be at Hurghada via London and I will take Ewa Marine bag with my Nikon D70 and I am optimistic about.
Best regards
Carlos Loff

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