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Steve Copley
posted : June 21, 2006 Post subject: Cheap and Simple Strobes (inc. arm) - Any recommendations?

I've been browsing your forums (and you seem like a friendly and helpful bunch) and reading all of the tips that people have given regarding strobes. But I'm still undecided which to go for. I'm sorry to be asking the same (or similar) question to many that have been posted previously - but I'm going to anyway!

- My budget is small (175 max)
- I'm a complete amateur (but enthusiastic!)
- My camera is an Olympus 765UZ in a PT022 UW housing
- The camera has no hotshoe so all triggering will need to be manual/slave
- I need a tray & arm to go with any strobe I buy

This is my shortlist so far (in no particular order)...

Bonica Neon 140

Fuji UW-120 160

Sunpak G-Glash 160

Aquamir PTS-120N 125
(is this exactly the same as the Fuji?!)

Anyone have any tips / experience of these / other ideas?

Any advice will be very gratefully recieved.

Thanks a lot


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