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posted : Today, 2006 Post subject: Typhoon Scuba Gear - Quality?
I'm looking to buy a new mask and have heard that the Typhoon TM1 mask is a replica of the Tusa Visualator but at a fraction of the cost. The cheapest I can find the Tusa for is 40, where as the Typhoon is 20. The only problem is I haven't heard of the Typhoon brand before and am a bit concerned about the quality of the product. If anyone has any typhoon gear, or any advice on it, it would be welcome.

posted : June 13, 2006 Post subject: Typhoon Scuba Gear - Quality?
Hi Ben I,v not used a typhon mask befor but I do know typhon has been around for over 20 years making suits, finns snorkels etc, my first pair of finns (20years ago) where typhone jet finns one of the best available then, also remember the highest price does not alway mean the best quality. be your own judge don't be to quike to buy what the sales man wants to sell you it may be a brand that he wants to get rid off

posted : September 2, 2006 Post subject: Typhoon Scuba Gear - Quality?
I use a Typhoon TM1 mask-EXCELLENT. I managed to buy a brand new mask from an E bay shop for an amazing price of 7.00 including delivery. My friend and dive buddy has used one for many years and swears by them.

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