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posted : May 2, 2006 Post subject: dry suit sealant
hey, how is everyone? just a quick query on dry suit seal repair. i have a small hole in my neck seal (about half way down) and wondered what the most effective (yet reasonable cheap-im a student!) way is to fix it? thanks, safe diving
sooz x

posted : May 3, 2006 Post subject: dry suit sealant
Hi sooz, you don't say if the seal is latex or neoprean. well if its latex and the hole is small then a puncture kit for a cycle will do the job, first clean the surface around the hole (larger than the patch you will use) sand paper is very good for this, then spead a thin layer of the glue to the latex again larger than the patch, then let the glue dry, only when the glue is dry do you aply the patch with firm pressure, a wall paper seam roller is ideal for this, leave for 10 15 minuets and dust over with talc. If the seal is neoprean then it depends where the hole is if its on the outside not against the neck then aquasure or black witch will be suitable to seal the hole. just follow instructions on the tube, hope this is of ome help Paul, BSAC Adv Inst

posted : May 4, 2006 Post subject: dry suit sealant
thanks paul, sorry its latex so ill get meself down to halfords! thankyou very much x

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