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posted : April 21, 2006 Post subject: tyre inflators
hi, sorry to be cheeky but...
i have a small diving cylinder i use to fill my air rifle and i'm thinking of adapting it to fill the tyres on my 4x4. i have no idea what regulator or fittings i would need to make this happen. has anyone here done anything similar or can point me in the right direction?
thanks alot,

posted : April 23, 2006 Post subject: tyre inflators
Hi it depends on the cylinder fitting, you need to drop the cylinder press to a working pressure (diving cylinder regulators reduce the cylinder pressure from say 230 bar to 9 bar) I hav an adapter that fits on the low pressure hose from my regs and I can use this to inflate car tyres. if your cylinder will fit a diving regulator then you could pick up a cheap secon hand reg and a tyre fitting on ebay. I hope this is of some use Paul

posted : April 29, 2006 Post subject: tyre inflators
They actually sell a car tyre inflator thats fits on the end of a low pressure hose ( as its been pointed out you need to drop the pressure from 3500psi) using a regulator

Don't know who supllies the Tyre inflators maybe Sub Aqua products???

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