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posted : March 8, 2006 Post subject: Wing Vs BCD
Please help, I have seen so much contradictory stuff that i'm going mad.
I have dived in the jacket style bcd for ages but especially in the UK find that it's cumbersome and overly stuffed with features that I never use.
Someone suggested a wing like the Buddy travel wing.
Has anyone used this or provide me with some alternatives?

posted : February 18, 2007 Post subject: Wing Vs BCD

I will state the obvious for my opening line; It all depends on what diving you are doing now and will be doing in the future. Wings are normally associated with techie diving but more and more people these days are using them for standard recreational diving.

I dive with a Seac Sub Pro 2000 BCD which has an inflatable wing so that it is suitable for a single or twins. I dive with either a singkle 12ltr or 15ltr plus a 3ltr pony and my bcd has plenty of lift and room if I decided to dive with twin 12's.

Before going out and purchasing a wing, most definately try a dive in one. There is a lot more freedom in a wing that is mounted onto a backplate but also some people find that they sit you forward at the surface when inflated.

As with most equipment it is a very personal choice as to wjhat you feel comfortable with and what works best for you.

Visit for a discussion on twins.

I hope this helps a little.

posted : March 1, 2007 Post subject: Wing Vs BCD
a wing is useful and more comfy if you're going to use a pair of cylinders on your back....
You can try stab jackets that are termed as "Semi-wings" too....theres one called an aeris atmos....quite cheap but full of features and integrated weight pockets....1000 denier nylon too like the more pricey ones.
If you're happy with a jacket there's no real need to change but if you get some spre moolah buy a cheap second hand wing off ebay...send it for a service to make sure it's safe and have a play on a shallow shore dive to get used to it!

posted : March 2, 2007 Post subject: Wing Vs BCD
Hi Matt,
Try putting your question to the Technical Q&A's Andrew will give you some excellent advice on this.
Cheers Dan.

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