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posted : March 7, 2006 Post subject: Undersuits

can anyone help me with regard to undersuits.

I am in motion of buying Otter Drysuit and was going to buy the Artic 200g Commercial one but friends have told me to buy the Artic 100g as the 200g is too hot.

Any ideas? Thanks Ro.

posted : March 31, 2006 Post subject: Undersuits
I am using a 200g undersuit from Divex and on the surface if the sun is out it get a little too warm but the idea is their effectiveness underwater so - at Stoney on Wed I went to 22M (7C) and for the last 5 mins of the dive I could feel the cold so would expect a 100g to be worse however I will probably get one for the summer so I would say get 200g now & 100g as summer approaches. OR, get a 100g and wear thermals as well which would be thinner! Hope that helps

posted : April 27, 2006 Post subject: Undersuits
I just bought a RO-HO wooley bear for 35 notes and it was warm as toast under a membrane at 50+m this w/e.

posted : April 28, 2006 Post subject: Undersuits
Membrane = versatliity

posted : April 29, 2006 Post subject: Undersuits
I bought t a Weezle entreme before I purchased the Otter 200g.
Whilst they are both great undersuits, I think the Otters slightly warmer than the Weezle.

Never found the 200g too warm in UK Waters.

posted : May 5, 2006 Post subject: Undersuits
weezle extreme and xerotherm artic will do everything you need :-)

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