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posted : March 4, 2006 Post subject: seals problem - latex or neoprene

looking for help and advice about neck seals on a membrane drysuit. I am going to order a new drysuit but am unsure about neck seals, one guy in my club says to get neoprene and the other says latex.


posted : March 6, 2006 Post subject: seals problem - latex or neoprene
Hi, the first consideration before you decide do you have a small or large neck? if your neck is small say 14 coller then you may be better to go for laytex more steetch but if you have a medium to lage coller size then both seals are ok, how ever the neoprean seal is much harder wearing will last longer, and allso keep you warmer I have a 17.5 coller size and a short neck i have tried neoprean and latex, I find the latex is much better for me, latex tends to roll down and becomes very uncomfortable, the neoprean takes a few times to get used to but is a much more comfortable seal, and retains more body heat, I hope this is of some help and best of luck Paul

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