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posted : February 27, 2006 Post subject: Drysuit Measurement Problem
am in the process of buying my first drysuit. My club buys thems through a distributor for all members at a discount price for group orders, off the peg only.

I want to buy the Membrane version. From the the size chart, I measured up around Medium Large Short (M/L/Sht) & Medium Large (M/L).

I am 5'7" in height and 12st,4lb weight. With the M/L/Sht size, the height range ends at 5'7" and with the M/L size, it starts at 5'8".

I tried on both drysuits that belong to my friends with a 200 gram undersuit and they were both fine except the only difference was 2" more in legs and 1" in Arms with the Med/Large. I did all the exercises to test them out for any restrictions without any problem. It's just that the M/L is a bit loose in leg and slight in arms. Both suits are the same in body loop, chest, waist, etc.

I talked with Distributor about this and they recommended the M/L. I dunno, maybe they are thinking that I am going to grow or put on more weight.

Some of the guys who bought the M/L and are 5'10" in height say that it's baggy in legs for them.

Am I right in say that the drysuit should be as streamlined as possible!

Does anybody have any good advice to what suit I should choose! I would appreciate any help.

Thanks Ro.

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