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posted : September 8, 2004 Post subject: Reseting Mares Surveyor
I bought an used Mares Surveyor, and Iīd like to reset the dive data from the former owner, but i couldnīt.
Does anybody knows how to do it?

posted : September 8, 2004 Post subject: Reseting Mares Surveyor
i have been using my surveyor for a few years and always remove battery when it goes back into storage, on this occasion after fitting battery it kept going into dive mode, now it has E flashing next to depth?? has anybody any ideas as to what this flashing E is



posted : September 8, 2004 Post subject: Reseting Mares Surveyor
I have the same problem. it also started after changing a battery.
its seems like nothing is least not while i m diving


posted : October 3, 2004 Post subject: Reseting Mares Surveyor
Hi Renata (again - sorry didn't read your earlier posting properly) - if you check out you can download a manual which will tell you how to do this. Sadly no mention of the flashing E problem though.

posted : October 31, 2004 Post subject: Reseting Mares Surveyor
Yo, i too use a Surveyor and it has 4 dives logged, about 3 years old, when i took it to cyprus i fitted battery and set date etc, at 37m my buddy indicated depth and my surveyor was flashing an E in top right corner, Blanfords service is naff and offered me a 20% discount on a new computer, it is unserviceable, i am writing to blanfords to see if i get any joy if not i will advertise it on ebay with all the unhelpfullness from blanfords, the whole world should know that these computers are ok until you need a repair then its GO AWAY, keep in touch and i will keep posting all my response. I am in the emergency services and shall STOP any further Mares badged equipment coming through until it is resolved, i am so annoyed at this terrible service, lets see what mark at blanfords says when EBAYS millions see how naff the UK service is on Mares products

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