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posted : November 30, 2005 Post subject: Trustworthy trainers?
What do you divers look for in a trainer? Obviously qualifications and experience. But do you ever wonder about the person, are they honest, do they have ethics, are risk averse or risk takers?

Driving down the M1 yesterday I was tailgated, carved up and made to take avoiding action by what you might call the 'typical white van man'. Another driver had the same exprience as well. Only this van wasn't white it was Orange and called "TIGERDIVE". I spotted his number and called him up to let him know that his brake light wasn't working and suggest he calm down. (After all, his dangerous driving had got him no further ahead even 30 miles down the M1).

As you might expect from someone driving like this he was rude, denied tailgating and said that he was 100 metres from the car in front. 100 cm more like! I think he was late for something or other.

So to anyone thinking of selecting a trainer; just think about the risks they take with other peoples lives in more dangerous situations than diving; think about their integrity and think about their ethics and their timekeeping - you wouldn't want to be down longer than you need would you - especially in a risky situation.

To Mr Tigerdive; think.

posted : December 1, 2005 Post subject: Trustworthy trainers?
Hi I'v meet this lot under water at Capernwray, and they (instructor or dive master) are no better under water, they don't think twice about pushing other divers out of the way. I was training a student on the platform and was pushed off so they could use the area. I for one would not trust this lot

'Sme again!
posted : December 1, 2005 Post subject: Trustworthy trainers?
You should see what they wear when training! FFS, tiger print drysuits, silly little tiger hats and T's like walking around a fecking Winnie the Pooh convention. IMHO tw@s in hats! Would you want to be taught by someone who has to advertise the fact that 'in his own personal opinion' is wacky and zany and fun to be with? Ring the management at SDS in sheffield and tell them of this clown's antics.

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