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posted : September 8, 2004 Post subject: dive luggage
I am a student of design, I am currently undertaking a project to design an item of luggage suitable for carrying various types of sporting equipment including diving equipment. I am hopping that users of this site will be able to provide me with their views on issues that are important regarding the packing and transportation of Diving equipment. Also any personnel experiences of using similar products regarding problems that have been encountered or ways these products could be improved.
Any comments will be a great help.

posted : September 8, 2004 Post subject: dive luggage
Hi Matt.
Just a few comments.
To me a good gear bag should be
1) light (airlines have weight restrictions)
2) shoulder straps & wheels (there is a lot to carry, especially when wet) and you sometimes have to walk a bit e.g. out on a pier to jump in a boat.
3) water tight (at least at bottom area, or where touching your back) to protect your car, clothes etc. Maybe a compartment you can take out and rinse and dry separately
4) one big compartment (for the gear), a few smaller ones for extra stuff
5) can be padlocked
6) no dive logos, or other features leading the spectators to think it is a dive bag
7) folds away easily i.e. doesn't take up a lot of room on a dive boat, car boot etc.
8) handles that are strong enough for you to grab a fully loaded bag and sling it over your shoulder.
9) sturdy, above all sturdy. You put heavy stuff in the bag, throw it around, people leave weightbelts and tanks on top of it, it sits on the dive deck of a boat soaked in tropical saltwater for a week. The airline baggage handlers are almost gentle compared to the treatment it gets on the rest of the trip.

Good luck

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