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Posted : March 28, 2009
Hi Doc,
In 1983 I was in the army taking a class 3 diving course and I suffered a "bend" which left me with aseptic bone necrosis in my left hip which was later replaced. I have never been diving since but miss the experience.
Recently my brother has been taking some lessons and is keen to get me to go with him.
Is it possible that I would be able to dive again? or are my diving days over?

Posted : March 30, 2009
Hello and thanks for the query Liam.

Bone necrosis like this can affect any diver and doesn't seem to correlate with DCI, depth or number of dives. That said, it's not seen in recreational divers; it tends to appear in older commercial guys who've racked up enormous experience.

If you've had the hip replaced then it's not at risk, and nor are you more likely to get a recurrence than anyone else. I think you'd be fine to do some gentle recreational diving, assuming all else is fine. Get yourself to a local dive doc for a check up, or if you can get to London, it's 0207 806 4028 to see me.

Regards, Dr O
Answer provided by Dr Oliver Firth
Dr Ollie Firth
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