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Posted : June 18, 2007
Hi I have just been to have my eyes tested. (have been wearing glasses for 5 years now) I am aged 52 and just recently taken up diving last year. The optician knew very little about wether I should an wear optical vision mask. I suffer from far sightedness, though not too badly. I can read large print, the prescription says 2.25 for each eye. When underwater, because of the magnification effect, I seem to see ok. Would I benefit from a prescription lens mask?

Posted : June 19, 2007
Hello. I think you have hit your own nail on its head - because of the magnification effect of the water, far-sighted people often don't need prescription lenses for their masks. I would be governed by what you feel when you are diving, rather than the specific numbers of your prescription. If you think you can see okay, then you would probably not benefit that much from lenses.
Dr O
Answer provided by Dr Oliver Firth
Dr Ollie Firth
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Posted : June 20, 2007 by - stevieboy
Thank You.
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