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Posted : June 4, 2007
Light Hearing Problems and Infections after diving and still got them 9 Months later.
I had a outer Ear Infection in both ears approx 9 months ago, which i can only assume is from the diving, 9 months later and not dived since i still have it, but very mildly.
Examination has shown to be "Just swelling and red" with a lot of watery discharge, but no bleeding, inner ear drum has not been affected.
I've Tried Predsol & Pencillin twice and 1 other spray, have also tried aroma therapy (Candle Therapy)
Doctors unfortunately have not been helpfull, and all treatment has either failed or just not cleared it up 100%! The've blamed it on the diving (although i've not done it for a long time!), and suggested i wear Ear plugs in the future?!
Question is:
Will this affect my Diving when i start up again in 3 months time ? as my medical is about due. If I go back to my doctor I can't see them signing my medical again to let me dive.
Is there something else i can do to get rid of this infection so i can get back to my such loved sport !!??
Posted : June 5, 2007
That's very bad luck. Otitis externa (the technical term for infections of the ear canal) is often a result of flaky dry skin in the canal, which allows bugs to get in and cause infection. Most of the time they settle with drops containing antibiotics and steroids, but sometimes the infection can be fungal. I would suggest having some swabs taken if the canal still looks inflamed after this long - there may be an unusual organism causing the persistent discharge. Once it has resolved fully then keeping the ears clean and dry and regular use of Swimear should keep the infection risk to a minimum.
Answer provided by Dr Oliver Firth
Dr Ollie Firth
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