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Posted : April 19, 2007
Am I allowed to dive now that I have diabetes?
I qualified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver at 14 years old and then at 19 was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I have dived since, with absolutely no problems at all.

The first time I dived after becoming diabetic, I researched a lot and decided to have a diving medical done which took about 10 minutes and cost about 80. Not only did this seem like a rip off but the dive centre I dived at wasn't at all interested in seeing my certificate or the fact that I was diabetic (I was just doing a few dives on holiday, NOT doing a course of any kind). Since the I've not bothered with special diving medicals and noone has said anything.

I know that a medical is definately required if you want to do a PADI course, but if you want do do a few days diving at a dive centre is it really necessary to have a very expensive medical done?
Posted : April 25, 2007
YOu do need an annual medical if you are diabetic and diving.
Always see a dive doc and not just a GP.
If you are well controlled etc you will be fit to dive
Dr O
Answer provided by Dr Oliver Firth
Dr Ollie Firth
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