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Posted : January 19, 2006
Hi. I have light asthma which is brought on by hayfever type allergies (pollen, dogs, horses etc). Do I need to declare this asthma if I want to go diving? My asthma is NOT related to exercise - indeed I am very active, regularly attending the gym, running, swimming etc? If I do need to declare this asthma do you know where in the Leeds area I can find a doctor who can give me the required medical? Or even where I can find one - my GP was of no help.

My husband has suffered from a displaced disk, however, following physiotherapy it has corrected itself and he no longer suffers pain. Does he need to declare this condition when diving?

Many thanks for your help on these matters

Posted : January 20, 2006
Thanks for your e-mail.
Th e bottom line with asthma of any variety is that it needs an initial
assessment from a diving doctor.
This may seem harsh if it doesnt affect you too much now, or it was only a
brief childhood problem, but the bottom line is medico-legal.
No doc will put their name to a cert saying you are fit to dive unless they
have seen you.
The examination is straight forward nd most asthmatics who are well
controlled, irrespective of inhaler use, pass as fit.
If there is any sign that exercise may be a trigger for the problem, then an
exercise test is needed, ontop of the usual spirometry.
So please arrange an appointment with your local dive doctor or call us on
02078064028 for an appt if you can get to London.
We charge 60 for the medical which can be renewed by phone in the future if
your condition is still the same.
For further information on how this problem affects or is affected by diving
please have a look here:
in the appropriate section.
For directions to where we are please click on the RH bar icon on our site:
Dr J Eden
Answer provided by Dr Oliver Firth
Dr Ollie Firth
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