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Posted : July 3, 2007
What kind of jobs are there available for commercial divers?

Posted : July 4, 2007
Most commercial divers are jack of all trades and a master of one. Jobs involve constructing, repairs and inspections of docks, harbours and jetties. Repairs and inspections to ships bottoms as well as lifting wrecks. Inspecting or modifications to dams, lakes or lochs and bridges across them. Some divers may work on fishfarms or in the shellfish industry as well as in aquariums. However the vast majority of divers work or have worked in the offshore oil and gas industry. Here divers are needed during construction of the rigs as well as assembly of pipelines and decommissioning tasks. During the lifetime of a structure it needs to be inspected and here again divers are used. Tasks in the water can include cleaning, rigging, assembly using tools, welding and burning as well as inspection tasks. Most tasks are well within the capabilities of anyone who is good with their hands.
Answer provided by Alf Leadbitter, The Underwater Centre

Alf Leadbitter
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