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HMS Maori

Place Name : St Elmo's Bay, Malta

Lat / Long : 0 ° 0 ' 0 '' - - 0 ° 0' 0'' - System used to obtain Long / Lat : unknown
OS Grid Ref - Square : 0 8 Figure : 0
Type : Destroyer Built :  
Shipyard :
Hull material :  
Size : 1870 tonnes Length : 108.4 m Beam : 11.1 m
Sunk : 1942.02.12 Cause : Air raid Date Found :
  Shallowest Deepest
Top : 0 m 0 m
Deck :
0 m 0 m
Bed : 13 m 17 m
Orientation : unknown Lying : unknown Condition : Unknown
Seabed Type : Unknown
Artifacts :
Wreck Owner
Owner : -
Access : -
War Grave : Unknown Protected : Unknown
Restrictions : unknown
When to Dive Best time to dive the wreck, relative to high wate
0 - hours 0 - minutes - - high water
General Information :
Small Boat Launching :
Notes :

References :
Link to More Info :
Information Provided by :
Name : From a dive on :
Supplementary Imformation
Added by:
Posted on : December 6, 2005
I dived the wreck in the late 80's and at that time it was possible to get below the decks at two different levels. At the higher level it was possible to swim right through the wreck stern to bows but at the lower level you could only get in a short way before running up against sand heaped against a bulkhead or the like. The wreck is an excellent night dive too so long as you stay outside and don't try penetration. The seabed abounds with small scorpion fish by night. In order to find the wreck all you need to do is swim out with the archway in the city wall in line with you then once the fort is at right angles to you you are then pretty much over the wreck. It is usually possible to see the wreck from the surface... well it was back then!!! There is no perceptible current on this site.

Added by:
Posted on : July 30, 2005
I dived HMS Maori in July 04. The history is that the ship was in habour during a bombing raid and flares dropped by the aircraft caught in the superstucture. Once illuminated it was an easy target. The ship was damaged but did not sink until it was being towed into St. Elmos bay where it broke in half. The stern section sank in deeper water and the bow sank in sand just off the rocky bed of the harbour. The front gun was salvaged at the time. Easy penetration into only deck, masts and some superstructure scattered round wreck. Some artefacts and shell cases present. As far as I'm aware no loss of life. Easy swim out from harbour wall by HMS Maori cafe.

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